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Hair Oil Jui 100% Coconut Oil-200mL

Stronger hair roots. Rescinds dry hair. Increases shine in hair.
৳180 ৳120

Hair Oil Jui 100% Coconut Vitamin-E & Nutrients-350mL

Jui Pure Coconut Oil is The best quality refined coconut oil that makes your hair naturally soft and healthy. Enriched with vitamin E Jui Coconut Oil is available in both Plastic and Tin containers
৳300 ৳200

Hair Oil Jui Haircare Hair Fall Control 80% Less Hair Fall In 3 Weeks-350mL

Jui Haircare Oil. Product Type : Hair Oil. Jui Hair Care is the ultimate solution for dry, damage and frizzy hair! It is pure, light-weight and non-sticky hair oil.Enriched with Vitamin A, E, and F.Strengthens hair roots, reduces hair loss and makes hair healthier.
৳330 ৳220

Hair Oil Jui Haircare Hair Fall Control, 80% Less Hair Fall-200mL]

Product Type: Hair Oil Jui Hair Care is light & non-sticky, a composition of 10 essential oils and 5 necessary vitamins which ensures maximum nourishment of the hair. Jui Hair Care is highly enriched in Vitamin E (1000 times more vitamin E compare to ordinary hair oils) & A, which ensures hairs protection from the harmful UV radiation of the sun. Vitamin B increases hair growth cells assisting in new hairs to grow faster. Vitamin C reduces the presence of iron on the scalp and increases strength from the root. Vitamin F controls hair damage, cancels dryness and amplifies natural shine. Main Ingredients: Mineral Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Dragobotania, 10 essential herbal extracts, 5 essential vitamins, perfume, oil soluble green color.
৳210 ৳140