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Conditioner Dove Daily Moisture For Normal, Dry Hair-200mL

Brand Dove Hair type Dry, Normal Liquid volume 200 Millilitres
৳375 ৳250

Shampoo Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol 180ml

Specially customized for Men with BIO NUTRIUM 10, a mix of nutrients, vitamins & cooling mint. It nourishes men's scalp deeply*, activating^ scalp's natural protection layer and giving longer-lasting dandruff protection^^ END OF DANDRUFF CONCERNS^^ NOTHING TO HIDE
৳330 ৳220

Shampoo Clinic+ Plus Strong & Long Milk Protein, Multi Vitamin-175mL

Clinic Plus believes that girls can achieve their true potential when they are raised to be strong. Mothers who empower their daughters by instilling values such as resilience and determination in them, will find that the confidence to face life’s obstacles comes naturally to them. A solid foundation is always essential and empowering – both in life, and when it comes to hair as well. Hair can only grow when it is given the strength to do so. Which is why Clinic Plus shampoos are imbibed with ingredients that nourish girls’ hair and helps give it strength to keep growing. Proteins are vital for hair growth, and milk protein is considered to be beneficial in restoring hair health so it can become strong. Treat your hair to the goodness of nutrients and protein with the Clinic Plus Strong & Long shampoo. Infused with milk proteins and multivitamins, it provides nourishment from root to tip.
৳255 ৳170

Shampoo Dove Bio-Nourish Intense Repair For Damaged Hair-340mL

New Dove Shampoo with Bio-nourish. A blend of hair essential nutrient and keratin repair actives to nourish and repair damaged hair*. Specially designed for damaged hair, Dove Intense Repair Shampoo, works immediately to repair the hair surface, while deeply nourishing the core of your hair to reconstruct it from within and make it fortified^. Every time you use it, your hair is repaired, leaving it strong, and beautiful. * refer to roughness, dryness. ^ Based on internal technical measurement, with regular system use
৳630 ৳420

Shampoo Dove Daily Moisture Normal, Dry Hair-250mL

Moisturizing shampoo that nourishes to make hair softer and 5x smoother when using system vs. non-conditioning shampoo Helps to protect normal hair from daily wear and tear Leaves your hair feeling silky and manageable every day Shampoo and conditioner system progressively nourishes, leaving hair healthier in the long run Formulated with Pro-Moisture Complex For rough, dry hair Replenishes moisture to your hair Use with dove daily moisture conditioner
৳420 ৳280