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swiss line early jasmin perfume for women 100ml

This third one is called "Story of Rose". This was also a gift. OMG! This smells of nothing but roses. Every time I put this on I feel like I'm walking through a garden of roses. This is one of my favourite perfumes (mostly because roses are another of my favourite flowers ;D). This has again a warm rounded smell like the jasmine one and the aroma of roses just grows more and more intense to the core. One spray of this on and it lasts for over a day and fills up the whole room with this fragrance wherever you are, so be warned. Sad thing is, because this was a gift from abroad I can't seem to find it here in the UK, even though it says on the back of the package "made in London". If anyone come across this perfume, do let me know please as I would like buy enough to last me a lifetime. ;) Cheers!
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